Expert septic tank inspections in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The simplest plumbing problems can point to larger problems. When it comes to your septic system don't take chances. At Garrison Septic Service Inc in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, our services, including expert septic tank inspections can save you time, hassle, and major expense! We have 65 years of experience that we can put to work for you.

Our beginning

Garrison Septic Service Inc was started in 1939 by Ray Garrison, who also operated a 400-acre dairy farm in Central Wisconsin. At the age of 13, Edward Alft began working as a farmhand for Mr. Garrison and then began operating a service truck when he reached the legal driving age. In those days, there wasn't a large demand for septic services in any one location, so they serviced the state of Wisconsin and surrounding areas to stay busy. As time progressed and Central Wisconsin developed, other septic services developed around the state. This is why Ray and Edward slowly phased out traveling for work and focused on Central and Northern Wisconsin.
In the late 1960s, Edward purchased the business from Mr. Garrison, but kept the Garrison name due to its notoriety. As Central Wisconsin developed, more homes were built and more septic systems were needed, so he developed the installation end of the business. Years later, in 1984, our current owner, Matt Alft, started working full-time within the company. He worked the entire business, from servicing systems to installation of septic systems. As the codes pertaining to septic systems changed and requirements for licensing increased, Matt mainly focused on septic system design, soil testing, and the installation of septic systems. In 1991, Matt took over the installation branch of the business while his father, Edward Alft, focused on the service end. In 1996, Edward retired, so Matt and his wife, Connie purchased the service part of the business. They currently employee three full time employees and three seasonal employees.

Our maintenance

At Garrison Septic Service Inc in Wisconsin Rapids, we're here to ensure that your septic system is maintained so that it can function to its maximum efficiency. Through industry standard septic tank inspections and routine inspections and maintenance programs, we'll make sure that you never have to face the worst case septic scenario.

Our memberships

We are proud members of:
  • Central Wisconsin Homebuilders Association (CWHBA) 
  • Wisconsin Liquid Waste Carriers Association (WLWCA) 
  • Wisconsin On-Site Waste Recyclers Association (WOWRA)

Our execution

If our septic tank inspections should happen to reveal deep seated problems within your septic system, you can rest assured that our team of septic system experts will provide the necessary advice and repairs to make your system right. If your system has failed, or is in risk of failing, we'll be here to make it right. We'll take care of you at prices that you'll appreciate! Don't put it off! Septic maintenance is vital to the upkeep of your home and property! Call us in Wisconsin Rapids today!
Septic tank maintenance
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